On January 10th, the inaugural meeting and seminar of “the Action Plan for Chinese Hi-tech Enterprises Entering Pakistan” was held in the conference room on the ground floor of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing. Ambassador Sha Zukang (President of China-Pakistan Friendship Association), Mr. Masood Khalid (Ambassador of Pakistan to Peoples’ Republic of China), Mr. Shozab Abbas (Political Counselor), and Mr. Zafaruddin Mahmood (Special Envoy on CPEC) attended the meeting.

Ambassador Sha Zukang Delivered a Speech

Ambassador Masood Khalid Delivered a Speech

During the meeting, Ambassador Sha Zukang, Ambassador Masood Khalid, Mr. Yao Weike (President of China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation), and Mr. Zou Xueming (Secretary of the Action Plan) made a speech respectively. The special envoy on CPEC Zafaruddin introduced their policy for Chinese enterprises, including the green channel for visa application, more flexible and open preferential policies, tax incentives, etc. Professor Zhang Mengjun (General Planner of the Action Plan) gave a summary talk.

After the meeting, Li Yingcheng, General Manager of our company, had a cordial conversation with Zafaruddin and Professor Zhang. He sincerely hopes that our company can conduct deep cooperation with Pakistani surveying and mapping enterprises under the framework of CPEC, extend our mature technology to Pakistan, and contribute to the development of B&R and CPEC.

Standards Build Trust
Our National Standard was selected as the “2016 Zhongguancun Top Ten Innovative Standards”



Our Company Participated in the Inaugural Meeting and Seminar of “The Action Plan for Chinese Hi-tech Enterprises Entering Pakistan”

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