In order to lead the science and technology workers to take their responsibilities, keep innovating and making new achievements, the “Award for the National Innovation Competition” was approved by the central authorities. Units and individuals will be rewarded in recognition of their outstanding contributions to scientific research, technology development, major equipment and engineering research, transformation and entrepreneurship, science popularization, and social service.

On the morning of May 27th, the National Science and Technology Workers Day and the innovation award conference was held in Beijing. There are 10 award-winning teams, 28 medalists, and 254 recipients of certificates rewarded in total. Li Yingcheng, the General Manager of our company, won the certificate.

Prof. Liyingcheng graduated from the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping. He has long been devoted to the research and application of digital aerial remote sensing new technology system, low altitude remote sensing mapping technology, and three-dimensional geospatial information service. He hosted a number of national 863 and science and technology support research, developed TOPDC series of digital aerial photography system, ZC series of UAV remote sensing system, the national geoinformation emergency monitoring vehicles, and other localized advanced equipments of geomatics and geoinformation, that promote the development of China’s aviation remote sensing technology.

Our National Standard was selected as the “2016 Zhongguancun Top Ten Innovative Standards”
CASM, TOPRS, and Ardhi University Signed the MoU for International Cooperation



Our General Manager Li Yingcheng Won the first “Award for the National Innovation Competition”

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