On May 25th, the “2016 Zhongguancun Top Ten Innovative Standards” list released. After collection, initial evaluation, specialists-recommending, and disclosed ballot, 10 projects (13 standards) were selected from 65 options.

The national standard GB/T 27919-2011 “IMU/GPS Assisted Aerial Photography Technical Specification” drafting by our company was successfully selected. This standard relies on IMU/GPS assisted aerial photography technology, which can significantly reduce field control measurement workload through obtaining elements of exterior orientation simultaneous with aerial photography.

The series standards of digital aerial photography fill the gap in this field in China, and thus improve the geomatics and geoinformation standards system. It is also helpful in breaking through the technical problem about difficult area surveying and mapping, supporting the implementation of several major projects such as “National Island Surveying and Mapping”, “1:50000 Scale Mapping of Unknown Area in Western China”, “National Geographical Conditions Monitoring”, and “Land Management Right Determination”.

Our Company Participated in the Inaugural Meeting and Seminar of “The Action Plan for Chinese Hi-tech Enterprises Entering Pakistan”
Our General Manager Li Yingcheng Won the first “Award for the National Innovation Competition”



Our National Standard was selected as the “2016 Zhongguancun Top Ten Innovative Standards”

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