On September 24, 2019, the company received a teaching and research group of post-disaster reconstruction project in Afghanistan organized by the national development and reform commission. The delegation was accompanied by the Afghan government engineering construction workers.

Xiao Jincheng, deputy director of the company's key laboratory, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company. Researcher Ding Xiaobo introduced the company's UAV system and related professional knowledge to the teaching and research group through speech report and video introduction. Senior engineer Luo Yanfei, used the 3d information system independently developed by the company to present the achievements of our previous UAV 3D modeling projects to the teaching and research group. After the speech, the teaching and research group visited our company's UAV products and expressed the hope to keep further exchanges with our company. Later, Representatives of Afghan teaching and research groups and companies took a group photo.

The visit promoted the mutual understanding between the company and the workers of the post-disaster reconstruction project in Afghanistan, provided an opportunity for learning and exchange between the two sides and opened an opportunity for cooperation in import and export trade and technical assistance between the two sides.

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A Teaching And Research Delegation From Afghanistan Post-disaster Reconstruction Visited Company

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