Aerial remote sensing business of TOPRS started since 1985, a total solution of airborne remote sensing data acquisition has been constructed, including traditional/oblique/LiDAR/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle photography, data processing, quantity control etc. The work team has rich experience in project and technical ability; ten flight crews can be carried out for aerial photography at the same time.

TOPRS is the first company carried out the research and application of IMU/GPS assisted aerial photography in China. Related 3 national standards and 5 industry standards were compiled by TOPRS.

15-25% of national basic aerial photography task were carried out by TOPRS per year, ranking at the top of integrity performance assessment of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASG).

— Digital Aerial Photography

— Oblique Aerial Photography

— LiDAR Photography

— Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photography

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